Employees vs. Independent Contractors?

A common question asked by business owners is "How to classify their workers?"  The IRS Revenue Ruling 87-41 was issued to help determine who should be classified as an employee vs. independent contractor.  Classifying workers correctly is very important and effects how a company processes payroll.  Other areas of the business effected by these classifications are: insurance coverage, tax filing forms, and VA compliance laws.  If your confused about these classifications or payroll in general, contact our office today for assistance!  We offer full payroll service and will make sure everything is setup correctly from the beginning.  Our main goal at On Call Accountants is to enable your success by keeping you in compliance and well informed...          

Q & A With Maria Reich From On Call Accountants

Happy New Year Everyone! Below is a Q and A about owner Maria Reich of On Call Accounting. Here she shares some things with you and more about On Call Accounting. Thank you! 

Did you always want to become an Accountant? Talk about what you wanted to be as a kid, and your journey until now.

I always loved Math and was in advance math/science classes all the way thru college.  For years as a child I wanted to be a teacher.  Then in college there was a period where I majored in genetic science studies.  During these years I always had jobs in accounting departments where I advanced quickly and really enjoyed my job.  By the time I was 20 it was obvious that accounting was my passion and I was really good at it!  This is when I switched my thinking from doing bookkeeping as a job to becoming an Accountant as my career.        

What is the financial management vision you have for small and large businesses? 

My vision for our clients is to "Enable their Success" by working with them to implement an accounting system that is tailored specifically to them.  We want them to get the financial reports they need on a timely basis so they can monitor the numbers that effect their business.  It is important that our clients also are knowledgeable in the financial aspects of their business even if we are handling the tasks for them.  One of our priorities is to thoroughly explain and discuss financial data, payroll, sales tax and any other accounting concerns with our clients.  We want our business owners to truly understand how their business runs and where their profit is coming from.  On Call Accountants wants to build a lasting relationship with our clients by providing consistent accounting support so the owners can focus on growing their business!   

What is your mission statement for your company? 

At On Call Accountants, we believe we are measured by the success of our clients.  Through our deeply rooted values of Quality Business Management and Exceptional Customer Service, we provide Accounting, Financial Reporting and Business Consulting services with performances unparalleled in the industry.  As a leader in Outsourced Business Solutions, we are dedicated to affording the small and mid-size business owner a greater opportunity to succeed.  

What can a business expect when a client chooses On Call Accountants? 

Communication and Quality Accounting services are the building blocks of On Call Accountants firm…  It is important to us that everything we do for our clients is assisting them in building a strong, financially sound company.  We encourage communication from day one and make sure we are in contact on a regular basis.  The level of quality accounting services we offer have been put in place with over 15 years of experience in the industry to back them up.  Everything we do, down to the filing folders we setup in our office, is geared to our clients success.       

What inspires you or drives your entrepreneurship? 

Accounting and bookkeeping is what we love to do!  Our team each has a passion for this type of work and truly looks forward to coming to the office each day.  By bringing our accounting skills to small and mid-sized businesses we are assisting them in an area they cannot do alone, but cannot avoid.  If you are operating a business there will be accounting to do so having an Accountant to partner with your company just makes sense.  Our clients are free to run the business they love, while we are handling all the accounting and bookkeeping tasks that we love to do.  At On Call Accountants we truly believe that if our clients succeed, then we succeed!